Biography Title - Lara Zee

Lara Zee began her career supporting Sam McKnight on various worldwide assignments, assisting him for over five years, working on numerous editorials, celebrities, advertising campaigns and fashion shows (ready to wear and haute couture). During this time, she honed her skills whilst learning from a master in her field.

When she felt the time was right, Lara broke out on her own and started building up her own client base.

Lara has also worked extensively with renowned photographer Rankin on advertising campaigns, celebrity shoots and many of his projects including: Destroy, Blue In The Face, HIV Awareness and Fishlove. She also spent over eight months contributing to the remarkably successful “Rankin Live” project in London.

Following these significant successes Lara’s reputation spread, prompting Proctor & Gamble to approach her. They were interested in creating a space at the 2012 London Olympic Games dedicated to showcasing all their hair & beauty brands.

This project gave Lara the opportunity to really flex her creative muscles and consolidate all that she’d learned. Lara was responsible for the creation, staffing, management and running of four salons, providing an elite service for the athletes, media and P&G “Sponsored Mum’s” across the Olympic Venues.

Each salon provided male and female haircuts, treatments and makeovers. The flagship salon was located in the Athlete’s Village, where she styled a multitude of Gold Medalists. It’s also worth noting that it’s at these salons where the ‘Patriotic Flags’ nail styling began, a craze that was picked up by the media, sparking a global trend.

Thanks to her overwhelming success in London, Lara was then asked to replicate what she’d achieved, taking her skills to Russia for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Lara then spent the majority of 2015 abroad, working on international campaigns as well as singer Anastascia’s European ‘Resurrection Tour’.